Blue Water Syndrome

If the water coming out of your pipes has a blue or green tint, you may have a problem known as blue water syndrome.  While the cloudy water that leaves a powdery film on your glassware is caused by high amounts of calcium in your water, blue water syndrome is caused by too much copper.  Like calcium, copper is a natural mineral component that’s often found in water, but rarely are the trace amounts in a home’s water supply enough to cause blue water syndrome.   Rather, blue water syndrome most often occurs when copper is one of the metals used to make your home’s pipes.

Copper is an element that the body needs to survive, so it is usually not dangerous for humans to ingest.  However, the ingestion of too much copper will cause uncomfortable gastro-intestinal issues like nausea, vomiting, and the like.  If you consume high amounts of copper for a long period of time, like those found in blue water, you may be at risk of seriously damaging your kidneys or liver.

Because most household pipes are made of copper, the key to controlling your blue water syndrome and copper ingestion is to control the pH balance of your water.  Though water that’s really acidic is the most corrosive to copper pipes, corrosion and blue water can occurs whether your water’s pH balance is too high or too low.  If your pipes are being corroded by unbalanced water, a water conditioner that’s chemical and salt-free like Turbu-Flow is the best way to balance your water and correct blue water syndrome for good.

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