SofterWater Conditioner – Nature’s Best Salt Free Water Softener

The Best Salt Free Water Softener on the Market?

Using a salt free water softener (or water conditioner) to solve your hard water problems is not just a sensible idea, it could be unlawful to chose otherwise.  Using a SofterWater Conditioner just makes good sense – it’s safe, effective and very good value for money!

What is a SofterWater Conditioner system?

According to some very narrow definitions a ‘water-softener’ changes hard water into soft water only with the removal of calcium from the water with sodium carbonate.  This means the SofterWater Conditioner unit is not technically a water softener as it does not add chemicals or remove any minerals from the water flow.  However, it does turn ‘hard water‘ into ‘soft water’ as characteristics of the calcium molecules changes so that it does not drop out and cling to other surfaces.   The SofterWater Conditioner device prevents scale from forming by neutralizing the scale producing properties of the minerals in hard water.  This means the neutralized mineral particles will flow freely through the system without sticking to the surfaces.

What does the SofterWater Conditioner technology do?

The technology is designed to protect plumbing systems and other surfaces from the negative effects of hard water minerals. The scale and residue that usually sticks to pipes, valves and other surfaces is prevented from forming by changing the hard minerals in the water into inactive microscopic particles. These inactive mineral particles stay suspended in the water (much like minerals are suspended in milk) and flow freely, unable to stick to surfaces.

Most importantly, unlike hard water minerals, if the inactive mineral particles occasionally drop out of suspension they can easily be washed or wiped away without the use of caustic chemicals.

How does a Softer Water Conditioner work?

The unit is installed directly in your water line.  It has at its core a non-sacrificial, catalytic converter that is non-ferrous, resists rusting and corrosion, and is totally non-toxic and ecologically safe.  The unit requires no salt, no resins, no electricity, no magnets, no back washing and no maintenance.

Using a unique combination of metals within the alloy core plus the principle of turbulence (the Venturi effect), the water flow is forced through the SofterWater Conditioner unit where an electro-chemical catalytic reaction occurs. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, completing missing electrons and so new mineral compounds are formed.  The electro-physical changes in the minerals neutralize their scale producing properties.

The result is that previously ‘hard’ minerals are changed from being large molecules into inactive, microscopic mineral particles.

hard water

Raw hard water and a large molecule of calcium carbonate

For example, as hard water passes through the Softer Water Conditioner device the crystal structure of the mineral compound, calcium carbonate, is modified changing it from Calcite to Aragonite.  The molecular shape of the calcium crystal is changed so that it is  unable to stick to a surface and so the mineral will pass through in the water flow.

Treated water and the changed calcium molecule

Treated water and the changed calcium molecule

The mineral content before treatment remains the same as after treatment, just in a different molecular arrangement.  In this way the SofterWater Conditioner will ‘soften’ your water even though it is not technically a water softener.  It is the characteristics of the chemicals in the water that matter, not the chemical content.

Other saltless water softeners currently on the market still use the old technology of replacing hard water minerals with other alkaline salts.  They use potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride, but the by-products are disturbingly similar because they are also highly polluting.

By using the SofterWater Conditioner it means you can have soft water while using the only true salt free water softener!

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