Why Don’t I Get Suds Or Lather From My Soap?

Are your once white clothes a dull yellow after they are washed?  Does your hair never really feel clean?  Do you struggle to keep your bathtub and sinks free of grime?  If so, the problem is most likely that your house is supplied with hard water.  Hard water contains an excess of minerals like calcium and magnesium, and the positive ions in these minerals react negatively with soaps and detergents causing the cleaning agents to become ineffective and not give you suds in the washing machine or a lather in the shower!

Once the soap and the hard water ions mesh, the soap, shampoo, or laundry detergent will not lather or bubble. Instead, the soap clumps up and becomes sticky and insoluble.  These clumps are what cause your colored clothes to dull and your whites to turn yellow.  The clumps cling to your clothing and their stickiness actually attracts the same dirt that the washing machine is trying to get out of your clothes.  The same thing happens when you are washing your hair in a hard water shower.  Your shampoo is simply working against you in your effort to clean your hair.

While many people with hard water just end up adding more and more soap to their laundry and shampoo to their hair, this is not the best or least expensive solution to your hard water problems.  Instead of using more shampoo or purchasing an expensive detergent specially made for hard water washing machines, stop the problem at the source.  Soften your water with a water conditioning system like Turbu-Flow.  It is an inexpensive solution for any water carrying system no matter where or how you live.

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